Effective and simple techniques to get visitors

For any website, new or old, it is indeed a struggle to get visitors in the first place, let alone get them to subscribe to your products/services. Some of the challenges faced especially by newly launched websites are:

1. Lack of visitors to begin with
2. Lack of trust
3. Lack of brand value
4. Lack of authoritative links

In such a situation, how does a webmaster go about getting visitors to try their products and services?

The answer lies in using a combination of both the off-line and on line marketing strategies.

Before applying these techniques, you might want to ensure that you have  answers to these questions :-

1. Does your product/ service cater to a specific age group?
2. Does it to cater to a local market or global market?
3. Do your have an objective for setting up your website?
4. Do you have a USP for your products/services?

The below-mentioned techniques will help you get visitors and convert them into paying customers. These simple and effective promotional techniques will be useful for any website, new or existing:

1.Depending upon what your product or service is about, you will need to find complimentary products and services in the offline markets, products that will find it beneficial to cross-sell your products and services and are not in direct competition with you. You might want to offer them a flat percentage for selling your products/services. If your product/service is completely online, you can print ads on hand outs, or buy a space for an Ad in the resellers shop and write a catchy attractive line such as””Register and get assured gifts for the most unique shopping experience ever. There is absolutely no obligation to buy”. Offer some incentive to the reseller to talk to their customers about your product/service. Provide your URL. In the on-line world, you will need to find popular affiliates who will be willing to sell your products/services online. Offer good commissions.

2. If you are catering to the local market ensure that you are registered on Local Google, Yahoo and BING, and if you have addresses all over the world, you should consider registering those addresses locally as well. Also, consider posting ads on local dailies, magazines etc.

3. Once visitors start coming in and register, ensure that you keep your part of the commitment and give away those free gifts as promised. Request the newly registered visitors  to refer friends to you, on registering those friends will also get gifts. You will be building in your subscribers list this way. You might want to ensure that you have your subscribers acceptance and opt-in for sending them promotional messages later.

4.The next stage is to send out a special promotional offers inviting perhaps the first 100 or more registrants (this is just a figure, you can arrive at any number depending upon your strategy) to try your products for a very special price. Provide the best possible discount to them. Make this a very special offer. Reward them with more gifts for trying out your products. Make it easy for them to spread the word. Remember to have all the social networking buttons in your web pages so that it is easy for visitors to share your offers. You can request them to follow you on Twitter for special offers.

5. The initial spend on promoting your products might be a lot and you may not see the revenues instantly but it is usually like that. The initial amounts spent on promoting a website or launching a new product is quite a bit since this is the stage of creating awareness. For you, the subscribers that you will get from your promotional activities will help you spread the word around.You need to ensure that they are sold on your products/services first!

6. Use site seals on your forms or payments pages so that your customers feel secure while transacting online through your website.

7. Put up ads on Google AdWords for a short period of time. These ads will send some traffic your way instantly.

8. In the meantime keep doing SEO for your website. Add videos of your products and services on your website and on YouTube.

9. Open an account with Pinterest, Start showcasing our products/services. Follow people with similar interests. Run a campaign. Get a Facebook page, with all your offers. In your mailers, and in your website, you can mention your Facebook page and invite people to become members.

10. Above all don’t forget to showcase your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) everywhere. What is unique about your products and what sets you apart from others. Why should anyone buy from you and not from another seller? Your USP should be able to answer these questions.

11. Run a PR for your newly launched products and services; use a combination of paid and free Press release services to get the maximum benefit.

12. Last but not the least, the content of your website should be in alignment with your ads; your website and landing pages should say the same thing. Your content should be persuasive and retain your visitors attention. You might want to hire professional content writers to do this for you. After all in your absence your content has to do all the convincing and selling for you!

These are some ideas to get your started, I am sure you will find many other ways of getting visitors to your website, just get started and you will start seeing results.

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