Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is something that online marketers need to include in their online marketing strategy, if they have not done so already. To be a successful online marketer, attracting traffic from the social media sites has become very-very important because the amount of relevant traffic that this medium can send you is unlimited.

Here is why every marketer should consider SMM (Social Media Marketing) as part of their online marketing strategy.Today, almost every person who accesses the internet has a Facebook account, and spends on an average a couple of hours on Facebook, Linkedin, Delicious, Youtube, Google+, and Twitter etc.

With Facebook one can upload photos, like stuff or, share stories, post updates etc. A marketer can create a page and attract fans to their page. They can run contests, provide information on their products and services from the page.The beauty of the social media is the newness and the ability of spreading messages across to a large audience within no time! It is so viral!

I can like a message, and I can share it with my friends, my friends see it, they can like it and share it again, and so on and so fore. Imagine the potential!

As a marketer this is one of the best platforms to reach out to a relevant audience. It will help build links, spread your content, attract visitors therefore complimenting your SEO efforts.

More and more companies are using Twitter to send out messages to their followers. People see the message on Twitter and then click on the link to know more. Never before was it so easy to reach out to your followers. Responding to your target audience and conversing with them has become easier and so much more interactive!

If you are launching a product, you can put up a pre-launch video of your product on Youtube, send out a message to your followers on Twittter, and your friends and fans on Facebook, and then wait for the comments and reactions.Building relations take time, like SEO, SMO is also a continuous process, you can’t be a passive participant, and you will need to get involved, answer questions, respond and be proactive.

Social Media is here to stay and the potential is immense. Clearly there are exciting times ahead.

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