SEO in everyday life

We all use the internet for various requirements, the most common being checking emails, followed by browsing…

So how do we make use of SEO techniques in everyday life?

Over the years more and more people are searching the web for their requirements through search engines, social networking sites, Wikipedia, portals, directories etc. And they are becoming more and more experienced about how to search, where to go for what they are looking for. I have found that a lot of people use the forums quite often, especially when it comes to technical help, as in, installing an application, and other information related to it.

Visitors have learnt to use specific keywords to get to their results faster, it has happened over a period of time but we now have more mature and equipped visitors searching and finding answers on the internet. Many of them understand how it works, even if not the nitty-gritty, they can tell between a good informative site, and a site that is superficial.

Sometimes websites that may not be high quality rank higher on search engines for very competitive keywords, it could be because they are supported by good linking strategy or other factors, but eventually, if the website does not serve the purpose of attracting visitors and retaining them, it will not be able to retain its good position. Search engines algorithms have changed and have become extremely sophisticated, and if not 100%, at least 80% of the search results are relevant. And search engines are getting better.

SEO is all about making a website user-friendly, essentially making the user experience pleasant. SEO experts help by understanding the requirements of the visitors, and making websites relevant to their needs. And visitors do not want to waste time on irrelevant sites; they try to zero in on relevant sites quickly so that they get their queries resolved soon. Unconsciously visitors are now following the principles that SEO experts use to optimize websites. Visitors use relevant keywords, relevant titles, tags, etc to search and find sites that will be of use to them. This is a perfect marriage of matching website objectives with visitor requirements. This is the main objective of SEO.

The mantra for SEO remains the same, work towards making a website user-friendly, informative, and useful. Spread the message far and wide and then wait for the stream of visitors to start flowing in.

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