Website Review tools for SEO; Do we need them?

Yes, we do need them. Not only do these tools save our time, we are able to get a lot of relevant information for FREE!

Website review tools for SEO are essential for every webmaster

Website review tools are a perfect way to get started on collecting information and acting on the information obtained. There are a number of tools that are available to help you collect relevant information about your website.

Some of the free SEO tools provide basic information about your website such as :-

Google Page Rank
Alexa Rank
Load time
Back links
Social media back links
And more.

Essentially, these tools will only provide you with basic data without any advice on how to proceed or act on the information that they have provided you. All they will provide you is a report; you will need to figure out how to apply the data obtained.

And then there are a few tools that go a step further; they will provide you the basic information and a summary on what needs to be fixed in order to improve your web site’s performance.

Let’s take a look at two SEO website review tools, one of them provides basic information and the other goes a step further than that. For both of these sites you do not need to register. All you need to do is type in your URL, and sit back and relax 🙂

SEOrobotics provides a SEO report on your website. It will provide you basic SEO data. You will need to analyze and apply it for your website’s optimization efforts.

The Screen shots below will give you an overview on what kind of data you can get from SEOrobotics:-

SEOrobotics website review

SEOrobotics website review
 SEOrobotics also provides your website a score based on the various relevant factors listed. The tool provides a lot more data which you cannot see in the screenshots bove.The screen shots are just to give you an idea about the kind of  data you can get and how it is presented.

Woorank is a very helpful free SEO review tool that provides you a lot of information and a possible explanation of how to make improvements to your web site. It summarizes the areas that require your attention and provides details of data collected. Woorank also give your website a rank out of 100 based on data collected by their tool. The tool takes into account almost all the SEO factors that is considered important and should be optimized. There is  a lot of information that you get for free, and that should help you get started on focusing on the areas that need improvement.

The screen shots below will give you an idea:

Woorank website review

Woorank website review

Again, there is much more information that you can get from Woorank than what you see in the screen shots. Woorank offers a free trial, You might want to consider registering in Woorank in order to avail the 7 day free trial.

Now that you have so much of data, what do you do with that?
Coming up in my next post.

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