10 SEO tips to improve Search Engine Ranking

SEO tips that are sure to help you improve your search Engine ranking:-

1. Have a title and description tag for each of your pages.

2. Make sure that you use relevant keywords in the title and description tag.

3. Treat each page of your website as an entry page for your visitors. Make sure there are navigation links from every page of your site. This way visitors will not be lost. If the website is huge, it might be a good idea to have breadcrumb links.

4. If a page has huge amount of content, try to break it up into more than one page. Use sub headings or relevant images in between to break the monotony. Use relevant or related keywords/ keyphrases in the content. Try not to force keywords. Be as natural as possible.

5. Create Xml site maps.

6. Open a webmaster account with the major search engines and submit your website and the site map. This will help you find the top search queries that visitors used to find your website, list the pages that could not be accessed by the search engines (crawl errors). It also tells you how many external links your website has among other things.

7.Study your competitors sites,especially the ones that are ranking higher than you.Find out sites that link to them, try to get links from these sites. Have a USP that makes you stand out from your competition.

8. Invest in an analytics tool. Google offers it for free. It can be installed very easily. Once you are through, you will have an unlimited access to a huge amount of data. There is a lot of analysis that can be done with the information that is available at analytics. You might consider going online and checking out the Google Analytics video –

9. Don’t forget to submit to search directories. It might be worthwhile investing in Yahoo! search directory. Remember you get a link back from a very authoritative site.

10. Open a twitter account. Follow your customers and twit about your products and services and actively participate.

Some of the SEO tips mentioned here can be incorporated without any effort. You can gradually include the rest of these tips too. These tips ensure that you have your SEO basics covered and in the long run your web site will have an advantage over the competition.

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  1. I personally think that in 2010 goes on, factors of on-page and off-page search engine optimization will differ as we think it. I think we will see a transformation towards user factors in deciding SERP results. That included with advanced personalized results and we’ll be seeing a huge change of the searchers experience with Google and the other SEs. Every search result will not be made alike, take a look at things like user interaction, bounce rate, bounce time, etc… Put your energy on a better site all around, and I think you’ll see better results in 2010.

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