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A web site is known by the links it keeps

The evolution of a website is quite interesting. The various stages that a website goes through, right from when it was conceptualized, to when it starts receiving traffic, is quite insightful and exciting.

How does a web site get to

SEO design solutions

Every website has an objective. The website is conceptualized based on the objective and this is a very crucial stage. Designers prepare a few concepts and then zero down to the final concept.

An informative web site will have a …

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO, is a question that has been put to me in many different ways, mostly:-

  • I am a beginner, can I do SEO myself?
  • How do I improve my website’s visibility online?
  • How

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for small businesses is executed is much the the same as for any global business, barring a few focused changes. This post provides an outline along with links for in depth details that will help …