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Understanding SEO; the uncomplicated way

Understanding SEO; What exactly is SEO?

Understanding SEO and implementing it is not complicated if the concept is clear. After all it is about making your presence on the internet effective and optimized.

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SEO Best Practices for 2014

SEO Best Practices for 2014

In 2013, we saw a lot of index updates especially with Google. Google has been working on its algorithm so that the search results provide correct and very relevant
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SEO best practices for 2013

SEO practices for 2013 will continue with be in alignment with the changes that we are witnessing today, there won’t be any drastic changes, but the difference in now, and in the SEO practices for 2013, will be the momentum … continue reading

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO?

I have had this question put to me in many different ways, mostly:-

How do I improve my website’s visibility online?
How do I improve search engine rankings for my website?
What do you do and

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SEO optimize your images -Top 5 best practices for SEO optimizing your images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

A SEO optimized image can be very well worth a few thousands of visitors, if not more!

Some of the best practices for SEO that concerns images/ pictures are:

1. Image
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