Evaluating search results

Your website ranks very-very well for some very competitive results. But, on going through your analytics report you find that there is hardly anyone who clicks on your website!

It is kind of puzzling and frustrating; after all high rankings on very competitive keywords are not easy, and when you achieve that, there is hardly anyone clicking on your link!

Why does this happen?

There could be various reasons:

1. The title and description that your have provided is not attractive enough.

2. There are websites that have higher ranking and most searchers end up clicking those links and find the answers.Therefore they do not need to visit your site anymore

You can do two things that will benefit you. a) Rework on your title tags and description meta tags. Put your self in your customer’s shoes and come up with an attractive but relevant title. Remember, the titles must be in alignment with what you are offering. Work on your description tags, describe what your website offers, and keep the information honest, relevant, and attractive.

b) Reduce your dependency on search engines- There are various other ways of increasing your visibility online. With social networking becoming more and more popular, should you not jump in as well? Create pages in Facebook, become active in the networking sites, and establish connections with people who have similar interests. Eventually you will find an improvement in the number of visitors visiting your site. The key thing is to not settle for any less, keep at it, and find ways of reaching out to your audience.

Since your website is already optimized for competitive keywords, you just need to be more creative about getting people to visit your site. Offering gifts or discounts for outright purchase of products/services form your site, or for filling out a form, (whatever you want your customer to do)  will certainly help to a great extent.

Keep updating and modifying your website based on the analytics reports, feedback of your customers, and friends too. This will help you figure what works and what does not.

Evaluating search results from time to time will benefit you in several ways. It will provide you some very pertinent information about your visitors and your website. Acting on the information is a must for your website’s success. With competition getting stiffer by the day, can you afford to take a back seat on this?

Sometimes it is amazing how a not very significant thing can make a significant change in your website’s performance.

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