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Search has a new meaning; SEMANTIC

After the recent Google update, it is obvious that the SERPs are not going to be the same anymore. Interactive search results are the future and that is where most online marketers and SEOs need to be headed. We were certain this would happen at some point but now that it is here, what should online marketers do in order to embrace this change?

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Searching in the Social Networking era

Search engines help us find anything that we wish to find.

With the entry of Social networking sites, the searching pattern seems to have changed a bit. We are witnessing a whole lot of changes in the world of search. Let us find out what is changing and how.

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Evaluating search results

Evaluating search results not only helps you in re-strategizing your online marketing plans, it also throws up some interesting and informative stuff. This activity helps online marketers understand and act upon a searcher’s perspective.

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