Are you writing for your visitors?

I have been writing about SEO for many years now, the idea was, and is, to spread the knowledge that I have acquired over the years.  There is no logical sequence or order in which I post. All I think of before publishing any content is, if the content that I am going to publish will help a SEO newbie or any webmaster looking for SEO knowledge to promote their website. My main objective is just that, I try to ensure that my post can fulfill that objective.

Each website has a different objective, and it is important to be in alignment with that objective before publishing any content. Before you publish any content, ensure that your visitors needs are om top of your mind, the rest is secondary. If you are passionate about your business, and wish to attract potential customers, this mantra will certainly help you. Be completely honest, and give anything that you do your best shot.

In my opinion, if you are a business owner, you probably know your product the best, therefore, even if you employ content writers to churn out content for you, you might want to spend quality time deciding about the topic, and the meat of the content. You are the best judge about what appeals to your customer about your products. Your involvement will make a significant difference in the quality of the content. It is important that what is being said is of value, it should not be a replica of what has been said over and over again. Because, if it is, why should anyone bother visiting your site, after all they can get the information elsewhere. Churning out content for the sake of it is not the best answer to creating unique content.

I was very-very impressed with an article that I read recently. This article will help you a lot in deciding about the content of your website, and so many other factors that we forget to consider when writing:-

23-Point Web Content Litmus Test: Is It Truly Unique, Engaging & High Quality?

I hope this article will help you gain insight into the basic aspects of researching and publishing content. After all, content plays a significant role in Search engine optimization, and forms one of the major contributing factors in SEO best practices.

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