SEO trends

I am quite a fan of Google trends; not only does it get updated regularly, and provides some very useful and interesting data.

I wanted to check on the trend over the years for some of the typical SEO terms.

There weren’t really too many surprises there but here goes:-

Anchor texts

It still is a popular term and holds importance, and in my opinion it will continue to have some level of interest
Anchor text

Content optimization

It is a very important element of SEO, and shows a steady trend

Content  optimization

Directory submission

This shows a downward trend, and it is not a surprise.
directory  submission

Internet marketing

Shows a downward trend too!
Internet  marketing

Keyword optimization

Downward trend!

keyword  optimization


Has gone down over the years but is still important

Link popularity

Not so popular anymore!
link  popularity


(The graphs/ data above have been collected from Google trends)

To be continued….


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