SEO best practices for 2013

SEO practices for 2013 will continue with be in alignment with the changes that we are witnessing today, there won’t be any drastic changes, but the difference in now, and in the SEO practices for 2013, will be the momentum of change.

SEO 2013 looks to be all set for SEO optimization for every device possible. With more and more people surfing the net from their smart phones, tabs, it is but obvious that SEO and online marketers need to ensure that their websites are visible and accessible from any applications and devices.

Some of the likely SEO trends for 2013 are:

1. Social networking: Social networking will continue to gain momentum. Webmasters need to have a presence in Social networks. Not only will this help in enhancing reputation, webmasters can work towards damage control, generate goodwill by being communicative, and proactive with customers. This can be possible only if you are active in the social networks and can react and act whenever your products or services are being discussed.

2. There will be an obvious shift from search engines to social networks. This has been happening for the last couple of years but it will become even more obvious in 2013. Online marketers will need to focus on an overall strategy rather than SEO for search engines only.

3. More and more businesses will tweet, or use any other instant means of communicating with the engaged customers, and that is going to be the trend. Almost everyone will be on the social network.SEO practices have to be aligned to serve the new genre of audience.

4. The basics of SEO will remain the same in 2013; Focus on the end users by providing, unique, informative, and quality content.The traditional SEO part that has always remained the same will remain as is, the difference will be in the approach.

5. Websites should focus on creating pages that download fast, and provide information in a jiffy.

6. Visitor engagement is another aspect that will demand attention; attracting and retaining visitors will be a challenge. With reducing attention span, and visitors hungering for instant gratification, it is going to be a challenge for marketers to dish out relevant answers for the audience without making them wait!

7. There will be a shift from article marketing to marketing your products and services on Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.The trend is already visible.

To sum up, websites that are easy to access from any device, are user friendly, provide unique and relevant information, download fast, and integrate well with the social networking medium, are going to be the mantra for 2013.

Go with the flow; that will be the key thing for SEO practices for 2013. Online marketing and SEO experts need to be more vigilant about changes and instead of reacting, it may be best to pre-empt and act before it is too late.

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