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  • SEO trends II

    This post is in continuation to my last post on SEO trends.

    Search Engine optimization

    On a downward trend! I think most people find it easier to type in three letters than so many!



    On a rising trend! I …

  • SEO trends

    I am quite a fan of Google trends; not only does it get updated regularly, and provides some very useful and interesting data.

    I wanted to check on the trend over the years for some of the typical SEO terms.…

  • Do links help or hamper?

    Let’s find out the benefits of linking from the searcher’s and Webmaster’s perspective.

    You are searching for some information, say you wish to gift someone a bottle of wine and you wish to get information on brands, and popular wines. …

  • SEO for Small Businesses

    The SEO basics for small businesses are just the same for any global business, barring a few focused changes. The below-mentioned SEO best practices can help small business owners attract visitors to their websites: –

    1. SEO for Web page …

  • Linking for users

     Having useful links on your website helps making it user friendly

    How often have you wondered if the link strategy that you are using is actually working for your site?

    You develop your site so that visitors come to your …