SEO for Small Businesses

The SEO basics for small businesses are just the same for any global business, barring a few focused changes. The below-mentioned SEO best practices can help small business owners attract visitors to their websites: –

1. SEO for Web page title optimization; you can check out this post that I wrote specifically for SEO title optimization. When optimizing a business that has a local presence, it might be a good idea to mention the name of the place that the business caters to.

2. SEO for Description Meta tag title; you can check out this post that I wrote specifically for the SEO description meta tag optimization. Since description allows 2-3 lines of descriptive text, make sure you define your business, the market it caters to etc. Any unique items etc, your USP should get clearly defined here.

3. You can check out my post on SEO tips for an overall optimization effort.

4. You can consider submitting your website to directories, especially local directories. Here is another post that I wrote on search directory submission that might help.

5. Submitting your website details like postal address phone number, URL to Google and Yahoo local will certainly ensure that your site will show up on searching.

6. Get linked: You can check out my earlier post on “Linking for users”. This will help you get an idea of who to link with.

7. Find out who your competitors link to and who links to them. This will help you zero in on a list of potential websites who might want to link to your website.

8. Search for websites that are very popular local destinations; it might be a good idea to write to them requesting them to add your business to their website; it might be of value to their target audience.

9. Register with Google Web analytics, it will give you a lot of valuable data. You can optimize your web site even more once you have an idea about the visitors.

10. You could try out Google AdWords for a short time, just experiment, if it does not work out, you can turn it off. Just keep your budget moderate so that you do not end up spending a whole lot of dollars without any returns. AdWords helps if you want to reach your audience instantly and you have offers that have special discounts, seasonal discounts etc.

This is not an exhaustive list, but this will certainly get you started. This list of SEO optimization is affordable for Small business owners. One suggetion would be to keep looking for ways by which they can have coverage through all the local directories, blogs, portals etc. Practicing local business SEO is key, and will most definitely help your SEO efforts.