Search Results: Customization is the way forward

We knew all along that this is where search is going but it is truly amazing how search results are now so very customized and when you search you are almost certain you will get an answer.

Thanks to the sophisticated search engine algorithms, you can now expect to find results that are almost or sometimes completely in tune with what you were looking for.

For example, if you type in the word “India” in Google, which happens to be a very broad term, and the searcher might be looking for just about anything related to India, like:

  • Where is India
  • India’s population
  • Places to see in India
  • Weather in India
  • and more…

Google does a good job of displaying some very relevant results. Here are some of the results that Google displayed for the keyword “India”

Results for India in Google

Search results for India in Google

Google does a great job of providing search results that will answer the above questions and much more. Basically Google provides you so much stuff related to the search term that you can easily decide which result to click on to get closer to what you are looking for. Google makes it easy by pre-empting your query and providing relevant results accordingly.

How does Google do this?

Google knowledge graph explains this very well. The detailed explanation of how search results today can show you near perfect results is very well depicted through Google knowledge graph.

I have become a bigger fan of Google’s search relevance ever since I tracked a friend of mine after 18 years. I had lost contact with her and she is not in the Social networking hub at all so I could not find her on Facebook and any other networking sites either. I was not in touch with our common friends either.The only thing I remembered is the area she lived in, and her maiden name and I just kept refining the search and I found her!

Thanks to Google I met her after 18 years!

For Internet marketers this means that optimizing content for relevant keywords is pertinent, do not stop at popular keywords only, long tailed keywords are equally relevant and one must take these keywords into consideration while optimizing any web page. In order to ensure that your website shows up on searching for relevant keywords, you might want to use y relevant and related keywords to describe your products and services, not only will this ensure that search engines have enough information about what your page is all about, it will also increase the chances of your page showing up for keywords that are a close match and highly relevant to your page.

Search results will get more and more customized and it is for internet marketers to make the most of this and create pages that are highly relevant, optimize those, and let the search engines do the rest.

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