8 key benefits of Blogging

For most websites blogging has become a part and parcel of their daily existence. And it is indeed good for a website’s health.

Here are some key benefits of blogging:

1. New content:

The best part of having a blog is about generating unique content.

2. A platform for your existing and new customers:

For a corporate website, a blog makes a whole lot of sense because not only can regular updates be provided to existing customers, it is the best way to attract new visitors, retain existing ones, get their feedback, and do damage control. In addition, one of the other benefits is that the corporate website can be linked from the blog. This in turn might help by sending some interested visitors to the corporate site.

3. Publishing:

The ease of publishing information through blogs makes it easy for any layperson to contribute.

4. Indexing and visits from Search Engines:

A blog because of its regularly updated content gets indexed faster by search engines and therefore becomes easily available to interested audience.

5. Design:

The layout of blogs can be changed easily. A lot of customization is possible with blogs. There are several plugins that make life easier and most of these plugins are available for free!

6. Blogger Network:

Your blog can be a part of a blogger’s network, there are quite a few active networks. This will provide another means of attracting relevant traffic to your site and increase awareness about your products and services.

7. Provide access to more than one blogger:

The ability for many writers to login and post their blog posts is a feature that truly helps. The amount of control one has over the content and layout is in one word TERRIFIC.

8. Feed:

Every blog has a feed which gets updated every time your content gets updated. The feed in turn works as a feed for various sources that have subscribed to your blog’s feed. Faster content dissemination!

Providing updates, news, or any relevant piece of information regularly through blogs has its benefits in terms of regular visits by visitors and search engines.

So if you have not started blogging yet, start today. A blog post a day keeps the doctor away! Not to take that literally but blog as often as you can and whenever you have something relevant to say.

Keep blogging to gain higher visibility.

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