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Rank higher on SERPS with these 3 key factors-Part 1

Before we go into the three key factors that will help you Rank higher on SERPS (search engine ranking pages) let me share with you how critical these three factors are for ranking higher on SERPS.

If you only and only focus on these three key factors, and get it right, you are done with 90% of the work!

Let’s get started on what these three key factors are, and how you can rank higher on SERPS (search engines ranking pages) by implementing these factors.


Content is one of the most critical factors in ranking higher on search engines, I cannot stress enough the importance of this single most important factor.

The first and what I call the most critical factor is the content. Content has always been and continues to play a key role in online visibility and for helping your website rank higher on SERPS. Here is why:

Content includes everything that is visible to your online visitors- text, pictures, videos, audios, graphs, themes, subject matter, relevant links…any information that is visible to your visitors. Simply put, your content is the only way of reaching out to your online visitors. Lucid, honest, and descriptive are the three main pillars of an effective content.

Rank higher on SERPS with optimised Content; Content is king

Content is king, and it is true for online visibility as well

No matter what products and services you may be selling, it is of immense importance that you provide information in a manner that is easy to understand, and to act upon….whether it is a Google AdWords campaign that you are running, or an Instagram Ad or post, or even your website title…the content for all these need to be in alignment with what you are selling.

Content is closely connected to Website design and Navigation and helps web sites rank higher on SERPS.

Making it easy for visitors to navigate your site, by providing clear and easy to understand information and directions, will result in less people exiting your site without taking an action.

Remember, in the absence of a real person interacting with your visitors, it is your content that has to literally speak to the visitors and provide all the information in a clear and unambiguous way.

Here is an example of a recent problem I faced while buying from a site:

A recent instance where I abandoned the shopping cart while shopping online was that of a site from where I had shopped before, the products are great, but unfortunately the site is not optimised, and not in the least user-friendly.

A user-friendly site helps tremendously and is one of the reasons why visitors will want to stick around in a web site longer and take the required action. A user-friendly site that attracts more visitors will positively impact the popularity of a site and therefore increase the chances of ranking higher on SERPS.

After selecting the products, I selected the same shipping address as the last time, and the message I got was something like “we do not have any quotes to ship to this address” ….and that’s it! They have an option of adding another address, but I would have to add the entire address to know if they would ship to that address!!! A field where one can type in the zip code would have helped, and I may have ended up buying again from the site…but I just did not feel like making that effort.

The entire experience was frustrating, the combination of a user-unfriendly site, along with a shopping cart that was even more complicated was
too much for me to want to buy again from that site.

I had to keep scrolling to check all the items in the cart, and in the process I found that some of my earlier orders which were already fulfilled, had got added to this order, making the price double!!!

Visitors will not bother returning back to a web site after a bad user experience

If I am really desperate for their products, I may give it a try again…but the chances are slim. I do plan to send them a feedback, that is, if I am able to. I could not get through the contact number listed on the website on calling them:(

There are several such instances where visitors lose interest and log off from a site. Good products deserve to be found and businesses must proactively ensure that the content on their site is doing the job of a real person and guiding and directing the visitors to take the buying decision.

I will be happy to hear your feedback regarding content and how we can get our content to work harder to rank, attract, and convert visitors into paying customers.

I will publish the 2nd critical factor responsible for ranking higher in search engines in my next post.

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