Top 5 SEO trends to watch out for in 2019

SEO trends in 2019

1. In 2019, we will see the already thin line between SEO, SMO, and other online marketing techniques becoming thinner and hazier.

2. We will continue to see the maximum share of searches happening from mobile devices, and Apps. SERPS will continue to evolve to show results from different sources in an effort to bring the exact answer for the searcher.

Ratings and reviews will play a big role. SERPS will by default display the information. Apps by default have this feature in them.  SEO in 2019 will imbibe all of these features. Links will continue to play an important role.

3. Social media will continue to dominate search. We will increasingly find Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networking pages  optimized for quality content and user behaviour for faster conversion.

4. Websites will focus more on “on-site SEO optimization” techniques than “off-line” (which would actually be more SMO than just offline SEO) in order to serve the visitors exactly what they are looking for, thereby driving higher conversions.

This would largely mean, user friendly, fast downloading, mobile friendly, and content rich (written, visual, and enabled for voice search) websites.

5. The focus of SEO will shift from guiding online businesses to achieve top rankings to a strategy of inclusiveness which would include optimizing for everything- Advertising, text message marketing, SMO, marketing through Amazon, and other upcoming popular online product sites.

We have seen this trend for a few years now, In 2019 will see a more distinctive shift in the SEO strategy that businesses will adopt.

SEO in 2019

SEO in 2019 will continue to evolve and strive to be in complete alignment with what the searcher is looking for. Instant, Authentic, Fast, and Responsive are the operative key words for online business owners in 2019.

A new era is dawning for SEO, with the changing ways in which businesses and customers are interacting, it will be an interesting and challenging 2019 🙂

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