Content is King; Is it true for Site content as well?

I think so, I think content is king, and it holds good for website content as well. Though content just for the sake of content is certainly not as effective. Content largely depends on your business, sometimes a lot needs to be explained in order to convince the online audience and sometimes not that much is required.

Website content is one of the main ingredients in  making your website a success. And SEO success depends a  lot on site content.

The content that you use for your website needs to be in  sync with your website objective. For instance your website  provides 24X7 online service for PC problems. But when visitors come to your site, they do not find content/information that they want to know before placing the order with you. The only thing that they are asked to do is to fill out a form. It would save everyone  a lot of frustration if some informational content related  to what exactly you do, which locations you provide  service to, FAQs, the typical time required to resolve your problem, costs involved etc was provided.

Most of us have an online presence because we want to  reach out and get more and more visitors who will benefit  from the products/services that we provide. Since we  cannot talk to each and every visitor that visits our  site, the content of the site has to do the talking for  us. Having powerful content that explains who you are,  what you do, etc… helps to reduce that gap.

Content is King, and Search engines subscribe to that as  well. Not only does web content help your human visitors,  search engines index your website based on the content  they find on your website.

This is where Search engine optimization plays an important part. If there is barely any content on your site, your on page optimization may not be that effective, I am not saying you will not succeed in bringing in any visitors without any content, you may, by advertising or getting incoming links from high traffic websites. Again a lot depends on what your business is selling.

Some webmasters  promise a lot when advertising their online business. On visiting the website, the visitors feel cheated because what was promised in the advertisement was not in sync with the actual offer. Or, there was hardly any content or information in the website to substantiate the offer/ promise.

Honest, genuine and original content that is in keeping  with your commitment is  the mantra for today and  every day.

Most content advisers and Search Engine optimizers will advise you to Analyze your content on  a regular basis. It is important because it will tell you if your website content is actually helping or hampering your business.

To begin with, analyze if your website content needs to be updated. Information that is very old holds true; but sometimes it needs to be appended. From time to time analyzing content of your competitors websites will also help in zeroing in on the shortcomings of your site content.

In my opinion, content is king, but relevant, persuasive,  SEO optimized, site content is the key to succeed online.

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