How content are you with your website content?

Six things webmasters should consider when drawing up the content strategy.

Much before what we officially know as SEO, the websites that were launched would have one thing in common- Content.The content was not very elaborate but it was there. The pages looked almost likes brochures (content and images) and were mostly static. The pages did not speak to you, they were just there. It was okay back then because there was hardly any competition.

Over the years, with the launch of more and more sites that are competing for the same audience, it has become extremely important to focus on meaningful and informative content. Just providing content for the sake of it, does not work anymore.

Here are six things that webmasters might want to consider when drawing up the web content strategy:

1.The overall objective of your online presence

2. The objective of a page:

What do you plan to accomplish from this page? What is the purpose of this page? Is this page for an event, or a product or service? Will this be a permanent page or just a temporary one for an event? Will it get archived? The objective of each web page should be in alignment with the overall strategy.

3. Who is the audience:

Who is this page catering to? Is it generic or for a very specific percentage of population.

4. How much information to provide:

Consider the attention spans of the people when you decide on the length and depth of information that you wish to provide, and this will largely depend on the previous question. If it is for a group of people who will use it for research purposes it is okay to provide in-depth information along with downloadable PDFs and reference links whenever required. But, if the content is catering to a population that is not interested in in-depth information, you might want to have a completely different strategy for them. Consider also that most people access the internet from their mobiles these days, and they will certainly not have the patience to go over so much content. Focus on writing for your visitors and their needs.

5. Images:

Images are one of the most important aspects of content. Images should compliment the content, and should be placed well, so that it gets noticed and breaks the monotony.

6. SEO:

Keyword research and optimizing each page is another important aspect of content strategy. Your content and SEO needs to go hand in hand.

Content will continue to evolve in the way it is presented to the interested audience because content is what holds the page together. It is THE most important ingredient in the marketing mix and if it clicks then you are sure to get a lot more conversions.

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