Pinterest, the new social Networking interest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a photo sharing social networking site. People share whatever they find interesting, on Pinterest. The sharing is categorized into areas of interest such as planning an event, wedding, home decorations etc. It is a sort of an online noticeboard displaying your interests.

If you are not part of Pinterest yet, I recommend you try out this social networking site.

Here is how to go about it-

1. Get an invite from Pinterest
2. Log in to Pinterest. You can choose your areas of interest from the various categories.
3. You can see Pins from all these categories posted by people all over the world.
4. You can start adding things that you like to your board. You can uploads pictures from a website and from your computer.
5. You can view and repin from anyone’s boards.

Some reasons why Pinterest interests me :-

a. The user friendly and clean interface
b.  Easy to comment
c. Easy to add interests
d. Easy to pin- If you like any images from any website, you can pin it.

What makes it so good, is the synergy with Twitter, facebook. Just add a pin, write a line about it, and publish it. You can twit it, and add it to your Facebook too!

I just love using Pinterest simply because it is so visual and so easy to use.

So what is in it for you as a website marketer or a Search engine optimizer?

On Pinterest in the profile page, you have links to your website, twitter url, and facebook profile. Say you have a website selling gifts. You can create a board displaying all your products, follow people with similar interests. This will drive traffic to your site. And in turn make it popular. Though not directly, it will result in better visibility on search engines.

The beauty of Pinterest is the ease with which you can browse, add, and create boards. You can find people with similar interests; there is no limitation on who you can follow. Anybody can see your pins, repin your pins,  follow you, and comment on your pins as well. That is networking!

Go on, get an invite to Pinterest today. You will love it!

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