Klout, the new age influencing meter

Just like the name suggests, Klout measures how much clout you have on others. Klout sums up your influence across all the social networking sites. It will tell you whether you are just an observer or an influential networker, which topics you are most influential about, who you influence the most, and who have influenced you the most.

Why should we be part of Klout ?

Klout is a part of the online world and it gives you recognition for being an active social networker. Whether you are an individual or an Internet marketer Klout helps you in your efforts. As in Internet marketer, Kluot helps by bringing in network marketing into the entire gamut of online marketing activities like SEO, PPC, Advertising, online PR and much more.

If you are someone who is actively involved in the networking sites, influences your friends, participates in discussions, you will have a decent Klout score.  Klout uses data from the networking sites to compile your profile. You don’t have to do anything in addition to what you are doing already. Just having a registration on Klout will tell you a lot. Klout uses True reach, amplification of your reach, and the network impact in order to calculate your Klout score. Check out the Klout website for more details.

Klout has quite a lot of things happening on its site, and believe me, these are quite interesting. Klout also has a lot of perks lined up for you. Also you can reward +K to people who have influenced you. It is a sort of acknowledgement for their positive contribution.

How to use Klout?
You can log in to Klout through your Twitter or Facebook account. Select topics that you are interested in. You may need to select the option of connecting with your Twitter, Facebook and other networking accounts as well. It is a good idea to do so because that will provide a correct assessment of your social networking impact.

Klout is a great way to assess your impact on the social networking area.