Pinterest; One of the most popular social sharing sites

Pinterest is one of the most happening and popular trends in Social Media. It has created a niche for itself in the social sharing and social book marking sites.With a predominant female user base, Pinterest’s most popular pins are for Fashion, home decor, wedding planning, recipes etc.

You can easily upload photos, repin anything you like, comment, and follow others. The creative freedom that Pinterest offers is truly wonderful and unique .I wrote about this social sharing site earlier, back then it was still very new, but this new concept captured my attention. Pinterest has continued to grow and it is one of the most popular social networking and social sharing sites today.

From a business and online marketing perspective, I would recommend Pinterest for product marketers. This innovative platform has all the features required to create awareness and to promote products. For product marketers who are not Pinterest, it is critical that they use Pinterest to create awareness. Else, they will miss out on the potential that Pinterest can offer in terms of its user base.This social networking site provides you the ability to showcase your products to your target market. For instance, a restaurant owner can create interesting boards with special menu items, price, special meals etc. They can publish recipes, get followers…follow. They can time to time announce special Sunday meals at discount prices for their followers on Pinterest! This may not result in instant sales but think about the interest and awareness this will generate!

How to use social networking with Pinterest

The best part of Pinterest is the images and the ability to create boards. If you have various categories of products, you can create a board for each category, or you can create boards based on your popular products. You can get as creative as you want to be. You can upload photos of your popular products, and provide as much information as possible- describe each product , provide price details, and if there is a special discount on a particular item that should be mentioned as well. All this will help in attracting and generating interest. For instance, if you have products that are targeted to children, you can create different boards for different age groups, for boys, and girls, most popular, discounted clothes…I think you get the picture. There is an amazing amount of stuff that you can do to promote your products on Pinterest.

Recently while searching in google for a particular product, I found a page from pinterest on the first page! So remember to use SEO basics while describing your products on Pinterest since that will help with the visibility on Pinterset and on Search engines as well.

Creating an account with Pinterest is very easy. And you can easily login with your Twitter or Facebook account. The rest is a bit like the other networking sites. Upload your pictures, repin pictures that you like, follow people, comment, etc. Like any other Social networking site, Pinterest is about being social. You can expand your circle of friends by following people, comment, like and make new friends, invite friends, find friends, and in the process create awareness for your products as well.

So, did you PIN your interest today?