SEO & Technology

SEO & Technology

SEO & Technology go hand in hand these days. If you wish to optimize your site, there is a need today of being familiar with the backend, data, analytics. A huge part of SEO is now technology driven. Let’s find out how.

SEO, Search, and the Technology Era

With the online world of search accelerating towards new technologies in keeping with the needs of the end users, SEO is continuing to see a sea of changes in the way it is evolving. The operative word however continues to remain “Optimization”.

Over the years SEO has evolved into something much-much different than how it began decades back. One of chief reasons behind this evolution is the user behaviour, the primary driver being meeting the needs of the end users, search engines and therefore SERPs have been getting better and better at coming up with results that are a near perfect match. And one of key changes that has taken place in the recent times is that over 60% of the population today is using their mobile devices to search and buy….

Google is one of the first search engines to be responsive to adapt to the needs of the end user by quickly evolving and adopting new technologies in its SERPs. Since Google receives the maximum volume of searches, the online search to a large-large extent is driven by Google….

Some of the changes that were brought about and driven by Google in the recent times   are:

1. Rank Brain

2. Mobile friendly pages

3. Http to Https

4. AMP

What does this mean for SEO?

Is technology going to drive SEO going forward?

If we look at the changes that have been happening in the world of search, SEO cannot remain confined to desktop search optimization only. Or for that matter remain confined to optimizing for SERPs only.

In my opinion, technology is certainly going to play a big part, but technology will get triggered by what the end users want, that will shape new technologies, and modify existing ones, thereby impacting almost everything, including SEO. The core best practices will continue to be, it is the application of those core practices that will change.

Aligning with new technologies would be one of the key SEO best practices going forward.

I will be eager to know your thoughts on what you think of SEO & technology in the long run.

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