Launching a new website; Advantages and disadvantages from the SEO perspective

Is your website new? And are you desperate to get on top of search results?

Indeed it may seem like an uphill task to get your website to rank well in the major search engines when you have just about launched your brand new website.The enormity of the task may just make you desperate enough to try any means to get to the top of search results.

No matter what, I would advise you to be patient and not resort to claims from many operators who wish to convince you to use their software or their services in order to rank within the top ten search results. Sometimes there is a money back guarantee attached to it as well!


I would advise you to not pay heed to any of these tall claims. SEO is not something that can be applied and experienced immediately. Remember the sites that are ranking well have put in a lot of effort to be where they are now.

All is not lost though…and things are not really that desolate for a new web site. If you are launching your website now for a market that is already saturated with exiting established sites, you still have a good chance to gain visibility.

Your new website competition will be immense and it will certainly be a challenging task to produce results immediately. But with time, patience, and the correct SEO techniques everything is possible.

competition for a new website from the seo perspective

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There are disadvantages and believe it or not advantages of working on Search engine optimizing a brand new site.

Let me sum up the disadvantages first

1. If your web site caters to an already over saturated market, it will indeed be a tough task to rank…but not impossible.

2. Making the website visible to the online audience through SEO efforts is a time taking process.

3. Your competition is already many steps ahead with thousands of incoming links and decent rankings.

4. And you are going to have to start with a PR 0.

Now for the Advantages of a brand new web site

1. You can learn from others mistakes and successes.

2. You have the advantage of loads of data at the click of your mouse. Study your competitors websites, do a thorough research.

3. Run a short campaign on Google Adwords, find out which keywords work for you.

4.Your biggest advantage is the Social media, searchers no longer depend upon search engines for their answers, you can create attractive videos and upload it on to youtube and other popular video sites. Facebook, Linkedin and many other social networking sites offer various ways of promoting products and services  as well.

5. More importantly, just do things a little differently from what is already there in your competitors websites. Offer something of value for free.

In summary,  do not give up easily, give your efforts time. Use content that is original and is of value to your visitors.

Mix your online marketing efforts with paid and organic marketing so that you get results faster.

Wish you all the best and see you at the top!

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