What is Affiliate Marketing? Are there any Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing?

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Simply put Affiliate marketing definition would be : Selling products and services belonging to someone else from their own websites. Affiliates earn a commission from the merchants for  selling their products and services.Affiliate marketing is one of the key components of  Internet marketing

Best practices for Affiliate marketing would be almost the same as any website trying to sell their products and services online. The difference here is, they will be competing with not only the merchant’s site but also other affiliates. The key is to be original (content wise) and to have attractive Ad campaigns.

Merchant sites that sell products and services globally, may have affiliates who display  products  on their site. Customers  who click on the products are taken to the merchant’s site, and if  any of those clicks  result in conversion, the affiliate earns a commission  on that sale.

Sometimes Affiliates can enroll partners under them, who in  turn help them self the products/ services. There are  various levels of affiliate programs and varies from  merchant to merchant.

Mostly websites that are already established and are  selling products and services from their website can do  well as an affiliate. By being an affiliate such websites increase their chances of earning more money . This is not to say that new sites will  not do well, but it would require much more effort and a  lot of advertising effort as well. Affiliates usually use  Search Engine Marketing: SEO and Pay Per Click advertising to advertise their sites. Usually Pay Per Click brings instant results, but this involves spending marketing dollars.

The models that Affiliates usually work with are essentially,   “Cost per action”, “Contextual advertising”, and “Revenue  sharing” models.

Affiliate marketing is another means through which  merchants can sell their products and services online. Especially, if the products need to be promoted globally.  By establishing an affiliate partnership with an already  established local site, merchants can boost the sale of  products and services. It is a win-win situation for the merchants and Affiliates since this becomes a passive income source for affiliates and the merchants in turn gain by increased sale of their products and services.

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For more on Affiliate marketing, visit  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

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