How to get more visitors to your web site – Part II

The objective of every online marketer is to increase the visitors to the website.

It does feel like an uphill task in the beginning, but it is not difficult, given the n numbers of possibilities of reaching out to relevant customers today, within no time. Some of the ways by which the marketers can accomplish this is by applying a focused strategy on the below-mentioned means of reaching out to potential customers:

PR sites:

Announcing newsworthy events on a Press Release web site is very effective. PR web sites propagate the information to many agencies and agents. The news travels faster and your links are almost all over the internet within no time at all! Using PR sites to promote your web site online will definitely help you reach out to relevant customers and you will get more visitors. You will find more information on SEO Press Releases; Maximize traffic from Press Releases.

Social Networking sites:

Is the mantra is today. If you are marketer, you must have a strong presence across all the popular networking sites because that is where your potential customers are spending most of their time these days. If your friend refers a web site to you, the chances are that you you will end up visiting that site and likely buy or even subscribe to those services, you may not have done that had you just landed up on a site, unless it is a well-known branded site. Smaller businesses today can get a lot out of their presence across the social networking sites. Even if one customer is happy with your services, the chances of spreading that happiness across many more people is going to be easy. The good old word of mouth is still good and with the networking site, it is so easy to spread the good word!

The upside potential of the social networking sites are huge! You can follow people and be followed by people who find interest in your content or need your services. This way the circle keeps growing. What a great way of spreading your content!

For Twitter, Google +,Pinterest, Stumble upon, Delicious (to name a few) you can search and follow people who interest you. Actively participate, Retweet, create boards, like, and comment, find people who might be looking for your services, there is so much that you can do…

For Facebook and LinkedIn, you will need to add friends/people to your network, and not only will this increase your network, you will also be able to reach out to their network and get more people to be part of your network !

We have today the means of reaching out to people all across the world, within a few clicks, all we have to do is have a good online marketing strategy, and follow it and visitors will start pouring in.

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