Linking for users

 Having useful links on your website helps making it user friendly

How often have you wondered if the link strategy that you are using is actually working for your site?

You develop your site so that visitors come to your site and find what they are looking for. Your aim in creating the site is to provide the visitors what they really want so that they end up doing what you want i.e. buy our products, subscribe to newsletters, fill a form etc.
But are you truly catering to their needs?

For instance if you are giving your visitors details about your products/services and explaining to them the advantages of using the products and services that you offer, it would be really a bonus if you could refer them to a few sites that would help them get more information.

While selecting these links, be careful not to link to sites that are your competitors. links should be of related or allied products/services. They should work as a reference.

Here are a few pointers for selecting links –

1) Search for products/services that are related to your site. For example, if you are a manufacturer of furnitures made out of teak wood, you could perhaps link to sites providing information on teak wood.

2) In continuation with the above example, search for sites that offer services like carrying or transporting furniture (you could even get area specific if you are catering to a specific area). You could search for paint companies specializing in paints for wooden furniture.

3) Get some of your satisfied customers to mention a few lines about your products and services in their sites in exchange of a link from your site.

These are a few examples. If you can follow this in your link building strategy, it would really help your visitors and help you in return.

Keep adding links and make the site so useful that the visitors have no choice but to bookmark it!

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