Anchor text

Anchor texts and SEO

Anchor texts and SEO

Anchor texts are among one of the several hundreds of elements that are linked with optimizing your site for search engines. Anchor texts or Anchor tags have had a long  association with SEO. Although it may seem that anchor texts are not given as much weight-age by search engines, they are still extremely important. Read on to know why.

What is an Anchor text?

An anchor text works as an “Anchor“,  supporting and connecting two pages. It is the text link that connects one web page to another web page.

Example of an Anchor text html and how to use them

For instance, if I wrote, “Anchor text is one of the elements that should be kept in mind while writing the content for a web page”. And i linked writing the content to the post (where I have a write-up about content for your site), that would be an effective way to use anchor texts. Not only would it link to a relevant page, it would let your visitors know what to expect in the landing page.

Anchor text html tag:

Here is an example of the html tag for including an Anchor text:-
Visit the What is SEO page. In the above example “What is SEO”, will be a linked text linking to this page:

Even though anchor texts do not enjoy as much hype they are extremely significant where SEO is concerned. It is a good practice to use anchor tags when you wish to send  your visitor to another page. Instead of the boring “click here”, providing a very short description of where the link will take you, will help your visitors.

How to use Anchor texts: The best practices for anchor tags would be to use them intelligently, and only when you feel there is a requirement of describing the textual links. Create anchor texts such that they compliment your content and help your visitors to navigate easily. If they appear forceful and not natural, do not use it. As always, overdoing anything is a bad practice, over-using anchors tags will not only be abusing it, it will also not be in tune with the Anchor text best practices. 

Traditionally anchor tags used to be one of the major determining factors for search engines while ranking web pages. However, because of the increase in abuse of anchor tags by many webmasters, search engines modified their algorithms. However anchor tags are still very important because, they are user friendly, and they make the content of a web page more relevant. If you are careful not to abuse this SEO element, anchor tags can add value to your website by positively contributing towards your web site’s success.

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