Are Mobile Internet browsers losing their importance?

Today there are endless free and paid applications that mobile users can download to get faster access to anything they want. With the demand for these applications growing, would you say that mobile internet browsers should be retired?

Mobile apps are indeed a big help when you know what you want. For instance, if I want to buy movie tickets, all I need to do is click on the movie application and buy the tickets; the application has all the information that I will need. It is hassle, free, fast and efficient.

However, what if I am looking for something specific, the address of the nearest library, the timings, and directions to reach there? The fastest way is to search using a search engine from the internet browser in my mobile. That way I can get the information within no time. I could also use social networking applications to reach out to my network to get that information but that would mean depending upon someone to respond to my request.

Browsers and websites will continue to exist, we will see websites evolving to adapt to mobile usage, we already are witnessing changes with Google launching the mobile friendly algorithm, and Bing soon to follow, however this also reiterates that fact that mobile internet browsers are not going away…neither will they get replaced by any other application, at least not in the near future.

Since most of the searches are happening from mobile internet browsers, webmasters may need to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly. Not only should these sites meet the standards set by Google but the also follow SEO best practices so that visitors find the information that they are looking for easily. Websites need to have updated information, like phone numbers, address, directions, good content, download fast and be easy to navigate. Some of these features will by default be addressed when optimizing for Google mobile friendly algorithm.

For some things there will be mobile applications but for others there will always be mobile internet browsers, and webmasters who have optimized their sites for mobile users will stand to gain.

Some time back I had written about the Mobile friendly SEO best practices, you may want to go over the article for information on how to get more traffic from mobile devices by optimizing your website for mobile users.


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