Tips to promote your brand online

If you are planning on promoting your brand online, you might want to consider an Integrated brand promotion strategy. Here are some brand promotion tips that will help you in building brand awareness: 

1. Website and SEO:

Your website should be in tune with your off-line promotion strategies. It should look like it belongs to the same brand. It does not have to be a copy of your brochure:) but, there should be elements from your off-line materials like logo, tag lines, USP, that will establish identity. Ensure that you have social sharing buttons on your website. The chances of your content getting shared increases if you have these buttons on your website.

Also, your titles and description should contain your signature tagline, especially, in the “About us” and “Contact us” pages. For the other pages you may want to opt to have your company name. More information on writing effective title tags.

You will also need to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and visitors. Here are some SEO tips that you can quickly implement.

2. Social Networking for your brand:

Your account names with Twitter, Pinterest, and  profiles in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, StumbleUpon, Delicious should contain your brand name. This is the best medium to start making a buzz about your brand.

Follow people with similar interests, twit about the latest from your brand. Increase your circle, In Goggle+ create communities, invite people. Be active and participate, react and contribute. LinkedIn and Facebook pages should be a good representative of what your brand is all about; essentially there should be enough information about your products, latest offerings etc.

YouTube offers you an excellent opportunity of creating a video and sharing it. Your video should be interesting and talk about the benefit of your products and your brand USP.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization:

Update and add your local address on to Google, Yahoo and BING local.

4. PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertisements):

 You can create campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and BING! to build brand awareness. These can be short-term campaigns.

5. Contests:

Another way of getting your brand some recognition online is to have contests. You can invite bloggers to write about your brand and products in their blogs and in return offer them branded promotional gifts, and merchandise. You could also consider sponsoring an event. That will create a lot of buzz.

6. Offline:

For any offline activities, ensure that you promote your website and website address. You can provide gifts to the first 100 registrations online. Encourage people to visit your website or follow you on Twitter to get updates and avail special offers.

7. Mobile marketing:

Another avenue to promote your brand is to use mobile marketing strategy. You can customize your message for your target audience.

Essentially, integrated brand promotion is the amalgamation of Internet marketing, social media, and off-line marketing strategies. Your messages across all of these platforms should be in sync. You should try to get your brand as much visibility as possible, whether through search engines, social media, or even sponsoring  events.

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