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I had written this post on SEO and PR submissions quite some time back. It is a detailed article on the benefits of using Press releases to promote your site.

Press releases as most of us know offer a lot of benefits in terms of creating awareness by  announcing newsworthy events or happenings to your potential visitors. In this post I focus upon free Press release sites only, free PR sites that provide value in terms of creating awareness. There are quite a few paid PR sites that you might want to consider posting to, as well, since they offer more value in terms of SEO (especially incoming link benefits).

With the internet evolving at such a fast pace, everything in it is evolving and changing as well. Some web sites that were in existence and doing well even five years back do not exist anymore. Some of these sites have changed their business model and have diversified into something completely different. Some of the domains are up for sale; some of the sites that offered submissions for free do not offer it for free anymore!

Little wonder then that the PR sites would remain unaffected by these changes. In the last few weeks I have gone over hundreds of free PR submission sites, and ended up with just a handful of PR submission sites that are functional, free, and offer value for your time. The basic submission rules and process remain the same. You can refer to this  PR submission article for more details on the submission guidelines. Before submitting your press release, ensure that you have the following information handy:-

1  Name of a representative from the organization
2. Email Account, preferably the official account
3. A valid contact number
4. Title of the Press Release, the content or the main message, and a summary.

You will need to register with almost all the PR sites, and open an account with them. The rules have becomes more stringent, which is good, since it stops people from spamming.

Here is a list of free PR sites that still takes submissions (as on July 2013):-


If you know of any more PR sites that are free,  do let me know, I will be happy to add those to this list.

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