Search and make a difference

With so much happening in the world of search… with search engines focusing on providing searchers the most relevant search results, and social networking making
search even more customized and personal, search continues to be ever-evolving, interesting, and innovative.

A young entrepreneur, Andrea Demichelis, recently started a brand new search engine that has a humanitarian objective, it allows you to search the internet, and enables you to make a difference in the lives of people as well.

Elliot for water is a new search engine that lets you fund a project for clean water, for FREE… all you have to do is search. And to make a difference, you will need to click on the “Water Links” or the “Sponsored ads” and a part of the earning will go towards funding clean water.

The objective of this search engine, which is powered by Yahoo! and Google, is to not only allow searchers to search the internet, but in the process help make clean water available to people who are deprived of basics, such as clean drinking water!

How does it work?
Elliot for water donates 60% of the profits to buy solar energy based products that will enable purification of polluted water, irrigate lands, and help in making  basic necessities available to villages where these technologies are used. They ensure that the maximum benefits reach the people in need.

You may want to check out their website, Elliot for water, for further information on searching and the projects that they are involved in.

Happy searching and making a difference in the lives of people around us.

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