Search providers 2013: Some of my favourites

With 2013 coming to an end, it’s time to look back and list out my favourite search providers for 2013.

Search Engines


Whenever I think search, by default Google comes to mind. That’s how strong Google brand is and not without reason. No matter what I am searching for, if it is a contact number, direction to some place, a recipe, whatever it is that I need, I get it instantly on Google. My dad who is not quite internet savvy told me that he does not need to know too much, he knows that he has to get to Google and type in what he is looking for, that’s it… And truly, Google search has not ever disappointed. What I like most about Google is how well they have customized the results. Especially if you are logged in to Google, you get to see if any of your contacts on Google Plus have G+ a result. 2014 is certainly going to be the year of customization.


Is another favourite of mine. This search engine is still not that much talked about. The results that you get on BING is completely different from what you get in Google for the same keyword. But the results that you get are completely on target. Here is another search engine that you can look up for relevant results.

Social Networking Sites

Google Plus:

I am completely loving Google+, it is different. Networking and getting to know people, participating in events, hangouts, and sharing is an absolute delight. Without getting too personal, there is so much of opportunity to share your content, find content, and network with like-minded people. I like the fact that it is more content centric than people centric.


Another absolutely wonderful networking site, Speak less and say more, I like the fact that the focus is to stay connected by sending out updates, following, retweeting…The best part of Twitter is that almost all the companies are on Twitter. No longer do you have to visit their sites to get updates, just follow them on Twitter and you are current.


I just love Pinterest. The whole concept is great. I have come across some great pictures, content, and sites from Pinterest. I look forward to an even more evolved and popular Pinterest in 2014.


I’ve stumbled upon so many precious gems from StumbleUpon. They have very rich content and I can’t do without visiting Stumble upon often because I love to find treasures.



Continues to be my favorite shopping site, you name it and Amazon has it. And the best part is the user friendly web pages, special offers, reviews, and the layout. It is a pleasure to shop online on Amazon.


Flipkart has sneaked into my list recently. I have purchased a lot of things on Flipkart and I am now assured of the quality and service. Not only do I get items before time, it is even more popular because of it’s “pay on delivery” model. It is hassle free and reaches your doorstep no matter where you are.

I am hoping and I am sure that 2014 will be even more exciting in terms of search. What I look forward to the most are the options, variety, and innovative ways in which information will reach us in 2014.

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