Website Ranking and SEO

Checking your website rankings in search engines for your target keywords gives you an idea of the SEO success of your website. There are various free tools that will provide you your website’s ranking status.

Some of the popular free website ranking status tools are: –

Since website ranking provides you a basic check on how your website is faring on search engines; it is important that you keep track of your website ranking from time to time. With competition increasing for keywords that are already saturated, it is good to get an idea about your website ranking.

Tweaking your website and including more relevant keywords from time to time should be a part of your SEO maintenance plan. I would recommend that you include a mix of short and long tailed keywords in your SEO plan. The advantage of focusing on long tailed keywords is that these keywords are very focused and attract serious visitors; the chances of converting such visitors into paying cusotmers are very high.

You can check one of my earlier posts on website ranking. It has a slightly different take on ranking for competitive keywords.

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