The Creative side of SEO; How to get the most of it

SEO is extremely flexible in terms of its applicability, the keyword being optimize, and the operative word being optimize for the internet.

Take any element of a web page and there is a room for optimizing it. Let us start with the most important meta elements of a page:

  • The title of the page:

This is the place to get creative without diluting the message. This is what most people first see first when scanning through the results page. The title has to say what the page is about as attractively as possible.

  • The description meta tag and the visible content of the page:

The description meta tag should be descriptive enough to set expectations of a visitor and prompt the visitor to want to find out more. The visible content of a web page that a visitor sees has to be consistent with the messages that the visitor gets from the title and the description tags.

The creative part of SEO comes into practice when all these elements are optimized to perform the best. The placement of the write ups and the images are quite critical to the successful retention of a visitor’s attention.

For instance, there is a page on product specifications. The page contains only some technical details.

How can SEO best practices be applied creatively such that the page is favoured by both the visitors and search engines alike?

The objective of the page should be to lay out the information in such a way that the content provided is easy to understand and follow. The best way is to use visuals wherever possible along with textual explanations, links, help files, on-line chat, etc.

One of the other ways would be to create an infographic (an example of an infographic is given-below).

An infographic can add a touch of colour, crispness and excitement to an otherwise dull  page. It can say a lot in just the one comprehensive visual. The infographic typically is a combination of texts and visuals, thereby making it easy to use as a standalone image that can be shared easily.

You can start with pages from your site that are not performing as well as you want them to. Take each and every element of the page into consideration, and get creative. Have some  fun while doing this!

It is a great exercise of coming up with unique ideas by applying SEO best practices.

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