The Kid safe visual search engine, Kiddle

Kiddle the new kid safe search engine is here

Close on the heels of the launch of the kid safe search engine, Thinga, another kid safe search engine, powered by Google, Kiddle, has been launched.

Kiddle Kid Safe search engine

Kiddle is a visual, kid safe search engine. The layout of Kiddle is similar to Google but that is where the similarity ends. The background is colourful (currently it looks like space) and the fonts used are much bigger making it kid-friendly. The search results have visuals along with write ups. The default search is from the Web. Children can search from Images, News, and Videos as well.

The search results are organized in a logical sequence, typically the top 3 caters to the most relevant results.

Here is how Kiddle describes how the results are organized.

The first three results are from sites that are written for kids and have been hand-picked and checked by Kiddle editors.

The next set of results from 4-7 are not specifically written for kids but the content is kid safe, and is easy for kids to follow. These have been checked by the editors.

The results from the 8th position onwards are written for adults and are in-depth and may be a bit difficult for kids to follow because the language is not simple since they cater to adults. And therefore appear only from position 8 onwards. All the results that you see are kid safe, and relevant to the search.

If there happens to be a search for any  bad words, Kiddle blocks the search accordingly. It would say something like…”Oops looks like your query contained bad words. Please try again”. Essentially, the results that kids see are kid-safe, since the results are hand-picked and checked by the editors, parents can rest assured.

In addition, Kiddle has provided forms through which any keywords or websites that have not been blocked by Kiddle can be reported so that Kiddle can take appropriate

Kiddle form

For on-line businesses that are catering to products and services targeted to kids, here is another search engine where your site can be found. One of the key things to focus on is to ensure that your content is kid safe, and is easy for kids to follow. If your website caters to children’s products such as clothes, accessories, toys, etc….And even if the potential clients are adults, buying for kids, it makes sense to ensure that the content that you provide is kid safe. Else, it will not meet the basic minimum criterion for being displayed on these kid safe search engines.

It may be helpful to ensure that your site does not have outgoing links to any site that is not kid safe. For marketers here is another niche search engine to target your ads on. I saw quite a few Google Ads on Kiddle!

Kiddle Search results

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