Optimize web pages with videos for SERPs

How to optimize web pages with videos so that they can be found on SERPs easily on searching?

In order to ensure that webpages that have videos are optimized for relevant search , let’s look at the changes that have been recently rolled out for video search.

There has been a recent update from Google on how they are displaying video results in the SERPs. This may warrant a review on how you are optimizing your video content.

Earlier this year Google had made a change in how they reflect video search results in the SERPs. Essentially, when visitors would search for video content, Google would show video thumbnails only next to the webpages in the SERPs, when videos were the focus of those pages. Meaning, only those pages showed up where the primary focus was the video.

For example, the below video has no context and to this article and will definitely not show up when searching for a post like this. It is definitely not the primary focus of this article.


From this month onwards, Google has extended a similar update for the search results in Video mode. The intent is to help visitors to find and access the videos easily. Visitors will now arrive at the video directly without having to sieve through the entire page to look for the video.

Again, the main requirement is that the video is the primary focus of that page. If you are the webmaster of a site with a lot of video content, how do you ensure that with this new update from Google, your videos are showing up on the SERPs?

In order to optimize web pages with videos, I would recommend the following steps to ensure:

  • Make a list of pages where Videos plays the most important role, meaning the page has video as the main content and the other content is secondary.
  • Review all your pages with Video content.
  • Go through all these pages and review the SEO optimization techniques you have used. Fine tune your pages by not only using Video optimization tips but also ensuring that your entire page is optimized for video content.
  • Create a video sitemap.
  • To get the best out of your videos, consider having a separate page for each of your videos.
The key thing is to ensure that the videos are not hidden deep inside of your web pages and that each of your video pages have unique titles and descriptions.

By the next update, you should see more traffic to these pages provided you have optimized the web pages for Video content.

You may want to check out my post on Video Optimization. Let me know by commenting below if you found this useful, or if you would like me to write about specific topics on internet marketing.

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