Example of AI use in Amazon

SEO & AI; the new enhanced SEO

SEO & AI is the new enhanced SEO.

What does SEO have to do with AI?

SEO has a lot to do with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Search engines and most established online portals, such as Amazon, were and are using algorithms in their SERPS to help the end users arrive at what they are looking for.

However, there is a slight change and it has been happening in the last few years. The SERPs are enhanced by AI. Whether it is a Google or an Amazon, that is the norm today.

With AI enhancing results in a big way, unless SEO best practices include and understand how AI works SEO will not really have much impact. Utilizing the AI knowledge and to work hand in hand with AI, is what I call the new enhanced SEO.

Let’s take a few examples. I have taken examples of Google and Amazon because they are extremely popular and almost everyone has used their services.

Most of us have noticed this about Amazon. Over the years, Amazon has created a strong and diverse product range and this has led people to go directly to Amazon when searching for products. And almost all the time, something shows up in their listings!

With so many listings in Amazon, how do seller, who are selling similar products, differentiate themselves? Other than the usual application of SEO to optimize headings, descriptions and overall content in their listings, or paying for ads so that they are at the top of the results, there wasn’t any other option, until now.

Another example, Google is the default choice for searching anything or everything for most people and most end users therefore hang out at Google searching for what they need, from advice about love to heart breaks and heart aches to anything under the sun. Name it and Google has it!

The common denominator between both Google and Amazon are in their utilization of AI to enhance SERPS and listings.

Let’s take up a couple of examples from Amazon about how AI has started changing things:

1. Amazon recently introduced generative artificial intelligence (AI) for sellers. With this in place the sellers are able to have richer and descriptive content. Not only, is AI helping create attractive and rich informative content for the sellers, it is also helping with creating titles and descriptions!

So essentially the application of AI is taking away from the sellers, the pain of creating rich and relevant content. Most sellers who would not have the skillset to write attractive and persuasive content, would either do it themselves (and end up not getting customers most times) or hire a professional to do this job for them.

Amazon had solved this issue with AI. Business owners/sellers are now free to spend time developing their products, instead of spending time and money on doing something that may not be their best use of time and money. 

2. Another example from Amazon where they are utilizing AI, is the reviews section.

I was looking for a shoulder massager on Amazon for my mom, and was checking the reviews of a massager, and this is what I saw as the first review:

Example of AI use in Amazon

Will I buy based on this review? Maybe, maybe not. BUT the main point is it makes things easy for an potential buyer. Saving our time and gives us an overall idea about what other customers are saying about this product.

The key takeaway for me is:

SEO needs be AI friendly. Artificial Intelligence is making it easy for webmasters to churn out pertinent information and put it out to the end users. Going forward, content creation the way we know it now will give way to AI generated content. SEO will work on enhancing it further. The new enhanced SEO will work in alignment with this new way of content creation and optimization.

Exciting, isn’t it? Looking forward to the exciting times ahead:)

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you in the comments box below.

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