Get ready to “Nest” with Google Now

This is exactly what I was talking about in my earlier post, Voice we must; when search turns vocal what should businesses do?

Google Now is all set to utilize “Nest” to provide you with the perfect warmth at home.

Nest ( is known for its innovative products such as thermostats. Earlier this year, Google purchased Nest.

Nest thermostats are very popular today. Nest calls its Thermostats, learning thermostats. And that is because they are no ordinary thermostats. Once you install the Nest Thermostat, it pretty much learns your schedule and start scheduling and programming itself on that basis. It is an intelligent system that just learns your schedule, keeps you warm, and more importantly reduces your bills!

People have already realized the immense value in using innovative thermostats from Nest. And now, with Google Now, they can go a step further. If you have the Nest thermometer, all you need to do is download the application on your device, Google now will interact with your Nest thermometer, and set your home temperature to your desired temperature whenever you want to, and from wherever you are.

You could even go to Google now directly and say “Ok Google, set the Nest temperature at “X”. And that is it, your house will start warming up at the temperature that you specified.
No more stressing about temperature control.

For internet marketers, this means more and more focus on marketing for mobile users, innovative marketing solutions, and making mobile devices one of the key focus areas of reaching out to customers. That is where the future belongs, at least for now.

With Google now, you have that perfect “Nesting” solution. With solutions such as these, life is certainly going to be exciting.

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