What is ethical SEO?

Ethical SEO or ethical Search Engine Optimization, in my opinion, should form the basis of promoting your website online.It is one of the most important aspects of promoting your website .This website is all about SEO best practices , and following ethical Search Engine Optimization while promoting your website online, is the verry essence of SEO best practices.

SEO is very often referred by ethical SEO or black hat SEO.

SEO has evolved into a field that has a lot of demand today. Everyone wants their website to rank within the first 10 results of the major search engines for the most competitive keywords. Today the websites have doubled-tripled but they are competing for the same space.

This has led to services that promise ranking in the top ten in all the major search engines instantly.SEO as such cannot deliver results instantly ever. SEO works on all aspects of your website elements to get your website prepared for competition.

Any instant results or promises of getting your website to rank within the top ten results should set the alarm bells ringing. Believe me no one can promise you top rankings for a specific keyword which is highly popular and competitive. Every site is different and SEO experts work on the USP for each website, some keywords may work for you and some may not. Just because you do not rank for a very popular keyword, it does not automatically follow that your website will not be successful in attracting and retaining visitors. It is in fact very possible to set up your website for success without ranking on top for all the popular keywords. A successful ethical SEO strategy is all about implementing a SEO plan tailored for your website only. SEO experts will not ever ask you to get into any of these instant ranking schemes especially if they have been in the field for quite some time. These promises are usually made by individuals or companies who are not here for the long haul but are fly by night operators.

Before embarking on a SEO project make sure you do a thorough reference check on the SEO company/individual. Black hat SEO may be successful for a bit but if your website gets caught you will be out of the search engines index within no time. Getting your website back in the search engine index is quite a challenging task. More often than not, website owners are not aware of the kind of work the SEO Company did for them. Undoing work that you may not be aware of can be a painful task.

If you want your website to gain visibility fast, the best way to do so would be to start advertising on Google, Yahoo! In the meantime keep working on making your website Search engine and user friendly (Meaning ethical and well planned SEO work)

Most of us have a social networking presence; try to make the most of your social network connections. They will certainly help you gain visibility. Ethical SEO is all about a SEO strategy that involves focused planning so that your target audience becomes aware of your website. It is about improving SEO, about workng on optimizing the SEO perfomance, about analyzing current results inorder to make faster and focused progress . It is about making your website search engine and user compliant.

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