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Does SEO process differ for each Website?

The SEO planning and implementation for each website happens after analyzing each website in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, the target population, and various other factors. Each website is unique, each business is different, and SEO needs to be customized keeping in mind the requirement and objective of each business.

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What is SEO?

This is not a very common question anymore, and perhaps it is a little late to discuss this, but this question is still asked more often than not. Perhaps SEO needs a little more explanation.

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Promote your site

Prepare, pre-empt, and Promote. This article provides tips on the various ways by which you can prepare and promote your site. Promoting your site need not necessarily have to wait till your website is fully functional and launched, you can start preparing and collecting information much before that. This will help in the long run, and ensure that your site is set up for success.

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Are you writing for your visitors?

What is a bit alarming these days is the the need to churn out new content just for the sake of it. So much so that it has taken precedence over the quality and usefulness of the content. The importance of unique and useful content has taken a bit of a back seat. It is indeed critical that webmasters work towards making significant changes to ensure that the content of their website is palatable and of interest to their visitors.

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Website SEO optimization by testing

Testing your website for human friendliness and usability is of prime importance and is perhaps one of the best ways of ensuring that your website will be palatable to the end user. And if it is palatable to the end user, be assured that search engines will like it too!

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