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Setting Goals for a Website; The most effective way of measuring performance

Goals are one of the best ways of measuring a website’s performance. Goals can be set up for simple actions such as, clicking on a call to action to completing an order on-line. Google’s analytics tool provides easy to configure goal templates that help in providing insights on areas that need improvement, and highlight the ones that are working fine.

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Is SEO still critical for on-line visibility?

A recent conversation with a college student got me thinking. He has been quite successful in increasing his web site’s visibility through social networking efforts. He was of the opinion that SEO is no longer required; it is more or less dead. There was some logic in his argument and I could not brush it aside completely.

But is SEO really dead?

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5 steps to effective SEO

SEO is a continuous process involving consistence in application of principles such as, analysis, testing, implementation, and optimization. The process is ever evolving and requires constant monitoring and innovating. In order to be successful online, businesses need to have a strong SEO strategy.

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How much should you optimize your web site?

You have followed the SEO best practices, and now you expect some positive results of that effort. Right? There is just another check you need to do before you hit the “continue” button.

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Search Engine Algorithm Updates – How do they effect you?

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?
Search engine algorithms are differnet for each search engine. Each serach engine has its own algorithm. The algorithm adopted by each search engine forms the basis of why some web sites rank higher than others. Search engines update their algorithms from time to time to make their search results as accurate as possible. The recent Google Panda Algorithm update is an example. Algorithms are complex since they take into account many-many factors. It is almost impossible to know the exact mix of factors.

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10 Tips to optimize/enhance your website for users and search engines

1. Get your website user ready. Try to make it easy for the users to access information.

2. It will be very helpful for visitors if a simple Navigation is followed. If you are using images for your navigation, it might be helpful to have corresponding textual navigation.That way even if your images do not download, your textual navigation will provide the necessary guidance.

3. Consider having a newsletter. You can get visitors

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