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Setting Goals for a Website; The most effective way of measuring performance

Why should websites set up goals?

Every on-line business has a business objective. A website is designed and set-up based on the business objective. Whatever be the nature of business, the business objectives should be very well-defined in order to …

Is SEO still critical for on-line visibility?

I met a young guy at the event very recently and I was very impressive with his knowledge on the latest website marketing techniques that I wanted to find out his mantra of successfully marketing his products on-line. After conversing …

How much should you optimize your web site?

How do you know if web site is optimized, over optimized or under optimized?

To begin with, in order to find out if your web site is under-optimized; just do a few basic checks like:

1. Title tag
2. Description

Search Engine Algorithm Updates – How do they effect you?

  • What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

Search engine algorithms are differnet for each search engine. Each serach engine has its own algorithm. The algorithm adopted by each search engine forms the basis of why some web sites rank higher than