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SEO and best practices for Website Designing

Some of the important design elements that the a website designer might consider while and before designing a web site –

1. The layout – The most important decision is presenting information in such a way such that the visitors do not get lost. A website that only focuses on looking good, might be ignoring the user- friendly aspects. The right combination of beauty and brains is what will finally clicks with the visitors. Without intimidating and by focussing upon a user’s experience, a website can not only attract, but retain visitors.

2. Images – The number of images being used in the website purely depends upon the nature of business. If it is a products specific website, images of products are a must. The important thing to keep in mind is image optimization. Images need to be optimized so that they are visually appealing and download fast.You might consider using alt texts, since it indicates the nature of image. Sometimes images take long to download, it helps to have an alt text describing what the image is about.If the website is service specific, just a few images for design purposes can be used. The best judge of how many images to use and where, is the website designer, but the SEO . An SEO specialist need to ensure that the site has the right balance of images and texts. Too much of text will make it unnecessarily verbose and sometimes boring and too much of images without enough text might not be enough to persuade a visitor to take the required action. It has to be the right combination to attract and retain visitors.

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