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Why should you Search Engine optimize your website?

Why should you Search Engine Optimize your website?

The answer to why you should Search Engine Optimize your website will be apparent to you in the next few minutes. Read on….

I know what you are thinking:) The below is …

Launching a new website; Advantages and disadvantages from the SEO perspective

Are you launching a new website? Then this post is for you. I am discussing today the advantages and disadvantages from the SEO perspective when launching a new website.

It is common and natural for all of us to wish

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for small businesses is executed is much the the same as for any global business, barring a few focused changes. This post provides an outline along with links for in depth details that will help …

Internet Marketing & Offline Marketing

Internet Marketing & Offline Marketing; How do they compare?

Internet marketing and offline marketing are different ways of promoting your products and services. Internet marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the ways and means by which you can …

What is an Authoritative/Authority site?

I was recently asked this question.
Though often talked about, I thought it still might be a good idea to write about authoritative sites and what they mean in terms of online marketing/ SEO.

—»Simply put, an authoritative site (or …