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Is fresh content enough to lure Search Engines?

Content is King, but in order to emerge as a winner the king needs the support of two of his most trusted aides, “Relevance” and “quality”. The King cannot do without them.

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A web site is known by the links it keeps

A new site or an existing site will always benefit in terms of traffic if the focus is on improving user experience by optimizing and adding relevant content, optimizing design, and navigation.Therefore, it is important to include SEO as a part of your internet marketing promotion plan. For any online marketing activity to be effective, SEO has a major part to play. Building natural links is a part and parcel of SEO but NOT “Link exchange”. This post discusses link exchanges and why they should not be a part of your web marketing strategy.

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What is SEO?

This is not a very common question anymore, and perhaps it is a little late to discuss this, but this question is still asked more often than not. Perhaps SEO needs a little more explanation.

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Searching for answers?

How do you transform your identity online, from a less known to an authoritative website? There are two very crucial factors that will help you get there. Find out in this post.

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