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Most effective practices of increasing traffic to your website

How can I increase traffic to my website?
This is one of the most asked questions today.

The good news is, with almost everyone using the internet today, marketers are spoilt for choices, all they need to do is do a good job of marketing their product/services online.

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SEO in 2015

2015 will unfold an era of instant gratification in terms of searching online and buying.

With a large number of searches and purchases happening from mobile devices, what will be the key areas to focus upon for marketers in 2015?

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Website Mobile Friendly Guidelines from Google

Accessing the internet from a mobile device is growing and will continue to grow. What needs to improve is the user experience. Addressing issues such as, slow and mobile unfriendly sites, are of utmost importance today, and Google has the answers.

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Mobile marketing; an important strategy for Internet marketers

Smart phones are here to stay, not only will they stay, they will get better. There will be a time when we won’t need the laptop at all, and browsing the web would be from our smart phones only. Are Internet marketers geared up for this?

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