Twitter & SEO; do they compliment each other?

Twitter & SEO; do they compliment each other?

Twitter and SEO may not be directly related but they certainly compliment each other. With Google publishing real time results, individual tweets are bound to get noticed on search engines. This post is all about the impact of twitter on SEO.

Twitter from when it was launched, has captured the attention of almost everyone. When it started, I had my apprehensions about it, and whether it would have any impact on SEO.

But with time, I realized what a wonderful application this was! Without being verbose about anything, you can spread your message on Twitter. And that is where it helps in SEO.

Tweet…tweet…A little birdie told me about this…

One message (140 characters) may or may not make a whole lot of sense but a combination of many messages may begin to make sense and you can understand what the other person is tweeting about.

In essence, the holistic approach towards promoting your products and services online, is by far the best approach. Having a twitter account is a need for any business today. Not only can you reach out to your followers real time, your products/ services get noticed real time. When you tweet on twitter not only does it reach your followers, your tweet might show  up on Google!

Twitter should be part of your Internet marketing (SEO) strategy since it  is another powerful way to reach out to a wider audience by following as many individuals/companies as relevant to your business. Not only will you find what the latest buzz is, you can participate and get your share of attention.

Setting a Twitter account

It might be worthwhile to choose a user name and account name that is relevant to your business. A good descriptive profile helps a lot.

When you tweet, you might consider including keywords relevant for your business and include a URL too.

The more the followers the better as it helps establish authority, but make sure they are relevant to your business. Start by checking out the twitter directories such as,…You can search for new friends or people to follow in these directories. These twitter directories list out twitter users in relevant categories. I will take up twitter directories in detail in my next article.

If you already have a twitter account keep tweeting. If you don’t have an account,  start today, it really is one great application. And you will find a lot of benefit flowing in… maybe not immediately, but with time  one you increase your engagement, you will find an improvement in your search engine ranking.

Just like you follow SEO best practices, if you follow Twitter best practices such as engaging your audience with relevant updates, timely responses, and helping the, you will reap the benefits from your twitter account.

Happy Tweeting.

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