Optimize your online presence; SEO tips

How to optimize your online presence in the era of Google snippets, AI, voice search, et al.

Your online presence may require a revisit because of the continuous and evolving ways of how people search. The dynamic SERPs are an example of this. There is no doubt that we absolutely need to optimize our online presence to meet the current needs of the searchers.

The one thing that we will all agree to, is that almost everything you need is on the internet 🙂

The internet is the default “go to” place today, the world at our fingertips…whether you need directions to a place, food, watch a film, look for a job, find a friend, transfer money, just type it and you have it or shall i say “voice it” and you have it!

And the default device that one turns to is their smart phones of course! With service providers providing awesomely high speed data packages at extremely reasonable
costs, it is now so very easy for everyone to be connected. With all these developments, searching and finding something is now almost instant…one does not even need to type or even click….all you have do is “say it” …and more often than not, especially if you asked for something very specific, Google displays the answers right there on top of the search page.

Typing out search key words/key phrases will soon be a think of past because “voice search” is already here and gaining momentum everyday!

Search is getting simpler for searchers, but how is this impacting online businesses?

How do you optimize your online presence with such dynamic changes in searching patterns?

One good news for online businesses is, there is now so much more possibility of being found on searching. With more and more searchers turning to the internet for
answers, and easier search options, you can’t stay hidden for long!

The challenge however is, even though the number of searchers and searches have increased….the number of pages vying for the attention of the searchers have increased
too…tremendously! The combination of featured snippets, AI, rich snippets, voice search, among other things, have added more variables and competition in the SERPs ,
under these circumstances how can businesses continue to stay ahead of their competition?

Optimize your presence; Increase your visibility
Optimize your online presence; Increase your visibility

Optimize your online presence

Here are some  SEO tips that will surely help you optimize your content for voice search, AI, Google snippets, and equip you to overcome the challenge of the changing ways of searching:

1. Keep it simple: Review your existing content: Is the content specific to the topic? Does it address the questions that may arise in clear, and easy to understand language, and natural language? Think in terms of what you would say were you to use voice search to search for your products/services.
2. Get feedback from varying age groups regarding what they would say while searching.
3. Optimize your content using the examples that you got, keeping the language as natural as possible.
4. Revisit the meta tags and optimize.
5. Does the page have a relevant heading?
6. Do the images have relevant tags?
7. Provide headings, subheadings, images, videos, anything that adds value.
8. Is there anything else that you can provide on that page, think from the visitor’s perspective… links to other sources perhaps…think of ways by which your page can becomes THE most relevant for your visitors.
9. Revisit all of your online content. You may have optimized your content but think about how you can optimize for voice search.

With voice search coming in a big way, how do we optimize our online presence so that we can keep up with the changing times. This post provides helpful SEO tips on how to optimize your online presence.

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