How to SEO during Pandemic times

How to do SEO during pandemic times?

Will SEO during Pandemic times be any different?
While there won’t be any changes in the basic SEO practices, the focus may shift to SEO elements that bring about faster results.

Here are 5 easy to implement SEO tips that will help you be more effective during these pandemic times:

1.Focus on Short-term SEO goals

Consider running a paid advertising campaign in Google AdWords and Amazon (for products) for a short duration (approx. 2 weeks). This will help you reach a broader audience at a super fast speed . It is recommended that your landing pages are SEO Optimized.

2. Social Media Optimization

Having a strong presence in social media is a huge advantage during these times. If you do not have a presence yet, it is not too late…start off by creating optimized SEO accounts/pages in Twitter, Instagram, You tube, and PINterest. The content must be clear and unambiguous so that visitors know what is in it for them. Consider highlighting your USP so that visitors know upfront what you can do for them and what differentiates you. If you already have a presence consider posting regularly, following people, responding to queries promptly. This will go a long way in strengthening customer loyalty and increasing awareness about your business.

The advantage of optimizing for social media is the almost instant connection with your existing customers, and attracting new customers. You may consider advertising for a short duration in social media as well. These platforms have made it very easy for businesses to create effective ads. Many of these startups are almost instantly able to convert visitors into paying customers through these ads.

3.Local SEO Optimization

At the cost of being repetitive, I can’t stress enough the advantage of local SEO optimization. An SEO optimized local page presence is extremely important, more so during these times. This is another instant way to connect with your target audience.

4.Content review and SEO

Consider reviewing the existing content in your site. You may ask how this would be helpful? If your site has been in existence for some time now, you may have some dated content. Now is the time to add and update content to those pages and make them more relevant. Re-publishing these updated pages in the Social media sites will definitely give you some mileage in terms of visitors, and the best part is you will see instant results.

The other advantage of reviewing your entire content, which includes, Info graphics, images, and videos as well, is that you may stumble upon some gems! I do this exercise once in a year and I am surprised at what I uncover. The realization that there is so much more I can do with my content is exciting!

5. SEO Optimized Design layout

Last but not the least, ensure your website has social network sharing options, and it is easy to share content from your site. You may want to consider devoting a section regarding information about your social networking pages.

Apply these easy to do and quick SEO tips, and let me know your feedback.

Until my next post, Stay well and happy. We will most certainly overcome these uncertain times and emerge stronger:)

Take care.

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